Every move is individual and has different factors that should be considered. The best way to know how many movers you will need for your move is to call moving companies around for free quotes – and receive their advice on how many movers will be needed to conduct your relocation in the smoothest possible manner.

We at Morgan Hill Movers won’t only provide you with the service of disassembly and reassembly, but we will do it with our own tools and at no extra charge as a part of our standard moving services!

Tipping your moving crew is completely optional and up to you – as we do not obligate our clients to do so, our movers work for their paychecks. If you want to tip our movers, you are free to do so at the end of your relocation once you have been provided with the final bill for our services.

With Morgan Hill Movers you will never have to worry, as we provide our clients with guaranteed arrival windows and we take a lot of pride in our punctuality. We value and respect your schedule.

Moving in the rain doesn’t represent a problem to our moving professionals at Morgan Hill Movers. Our movers are trained to provide you with an amazing customer experience even when the weather isn’t optimal. As long as it is safe to conduct your move, there will be no issues and we will even bring extra padding to ensure your items are safe and sound until the completion of your move.

Giving your movers a call at least 3-5 weeks in advance is optimal to ensure that the moving company you have chosen to conduct your move has an open spot on the day you have picked.

Morgan Hill Movers doesn’t have any issues when moving IKEA furniture, but we do always advise our clients to have their IKEA furniture already disassembled before our movers arrive.

We usually do not conduct moves as small as a one-piece move due to the fact that we have a 3hr minimum charge for every move we are hired to do. However, we will have no issue with conducting your one-item move on your behalf.

Asking people that you trust for their previous experiences with moving companies is a good start. Doing your own research is also a great way to find movers – search for ‘movers near me’, ‘local movers near me’ or ‘furniture movers near me’ and check reviews for different moving companies to find out if they are reliable.

We at Morgan Hill Movers strongly advise our clients to always secure their boxes with tape and close them completely before our movers arrive at your location. Moving open boxes represents a risk for your belongings during their handling and transit.