Lombard Street in San Francisco

10 neighborhoods in San Francisco CA to move to

Choosing a neighborhood in San Francisco can be difficult, as every part of the city offers something quite unique and never seen before. Constructing this list of the 10 best places to move to in San Francisco was another difficult task as all of them are so wonderful. Depending on what you are into, you will surely find a neighborhood for yourself on this list and hopefully soon call one home.

Russian Hill

One of the focal points of Russian Hill is most definitely Lombard Street – but there is definitely a lot more that this neighborhood offers its residents and visitors alike. Breakfast opportunities galore, you can experience a lot of different tastes in this diverse neighborhood that is packed with authentic cuisine, amazing nightlife opportunities, gorgeous views and a warm community.

Haight Ashbury

The architecture of this suburb is truly immaculate – if you love everything vintage, hipster, and vibrant, you will love moving to Haight Ashbury. This diverse neighborhood is one of a kind, with dive bars, unique restaurants, vintage shops, record stores, bookstores galore and entertainment around every corner. This neighborhood is perfect for single professionals and young families looking to relocate to a fun neighborhood.

South Market

Known as SoMa, this suburb offers an industrial vibe with a family-friendly community and a lot of attraction for you to experience during your everyday life when choosing to move here. With an even mix of tech giants and local business, life in SoMa will offer you a lot of diversity, things to do and places to be. Breweries, bars, galleries and nightclubs galore – you will never experience a shortage of things to do when choosing to move to this amazing suburb.

Pacific Heights

Considered to be one of the most expensive neighborhoods of San Francisco, Pacific Heights is packed with green spaces, abundant views of the city, beautiful architecture, and the perfect escape from the city bustle while still having the city amenities just outside your front door. Designer boutiques galore, Pacific Heights is also considered to be a popular shopping destination, and paired with its amazing restaurants, what is there not to love about this neighborhood?

North Beach

Nestled between Chinatown and Fisherman’s Wharf, North Beach is where most of the popular tourist attractions of San Francisco are located. Also known as ‘Little Italy’, you will find a lot of cute sidewalk cafés, Italian restaurants and gelato shops in North Beach. With abundant green spaces to explore, picnic areas and the abundant attractions to experience on a daily basis – North Beach offers everything you could possibly need for a high quality of life.

Outer Richmond

If you are looking for a quaint neighborhood to move to with your family, Outer Richmond is the place to be. Offering a primarily residential vibe, this suburb offers some of the best outdoor opportunities in the entire city of San Francisco. With some of the most popular parks, restaurants and bars with a view, Outer Richmond is also the home of some of the most popular hiking and walking trails in the entire city. The hidden gems of Outer Richmond and its strong sense of community make it a truly unique place to settle down in and call home.

The Mission

The Mission District is one of the most vibrant communities of San Francisco offering a beautiful, diverse cultural mix, packed with artists, young professionals and hipsters.  Packed with green spaces, parks, eateries, theaters, upscale venues, dive bars and a regular live music, The Mission seemingly never sleeps and always offers some form of fun. Popular for its nightlife scene and street art that is prominent around the entire neighborhood – you will love living in The Mission and experiencing its bustling potential.


Rich in history, Castro is a vibrant neighborhood of San Francisco that is known as one of the historically most important LGBTQ neighborhoods – which has ultimately seen hundreds of marches, parades and protests ever since the 60s. A popular destination for tourists as well, this neighborhood is the epitome of fun, offering bars that range in style and date, a bustling nightlife scene and abundant quirky cafés and restaurants.

Nob Hill

One of the more upscale neighborhoods of San Francisco, Nob Hill is packed with fine dining opportunities, beautiful views, and old Victorian homes. If you are looking to move to a seemingly quaint neighborhood that offers city amenities, luxury hotels, abundant historic landmarks for you to stroll by every single day and experience an amazing nightlife scene while you’re at it – Nob Hill is where it’s at.

Hayes Valley

If you love spending time strolling around your neighborhood while experiencing mild weather, you will find that this newly reconstructed community is the perfect fit for you. Packed with unique, quirky cafés, amazing eateries including casual and fine dining, and a lot of shopping opportunities ranging from local to high end names – this is the perfect place to escape the famous bustle of San Francisco while still staying close to it. If you get tired of being in your neighborhood constantly as you won’t really need to go much further – Alamo Square is near and is packed with entertainment opportunities. 

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